Friday, 8 March 2013

Apocalips Review!

From the top - Nova, Apocaliptic, and Stellar.

Pretty much everyone has heard of these new "lip lacquers" by Rimmel at the moment - if you haven't... where have you been?? 
I think I'm a bit late to the party on this one but I was so excited about trying them so I jumped at the chance when I was lucky enough to be given some to test out. I picked the colours Nova, Apocaliptic 
and Stellar as I hadn't seen many reviews on these colours yet.

L-R: Stellar, Apocaliptic, Nova

 Nova is a light blue-toned pink which looks absolutely beautiful on the lips - it's bright enough to be fun, but still classy and simple enough to be suitable for a work environment.
Apocaliptic is a bright, fuschia pink, not unlike Topshop's 'All About Me' which I reviewed here. This colour looks absolutely stunning on pale skin, in my opinion. It stands out so well and is such a beautiful colour.
Stellar (my absolute fave!) is a pinky-reddy-coral kind of colour. That's definitely not a technical term, but if you imagine Ruby Woo and Vegas Volt getting together and making a slightly more pink-toned baby - you've got the right idea. This one is 100% my favourite colour, however I think this will look best on tanned, olive skin.

How they look on the lips. This one is Stellar.
Wearing 'Apolcaliptic'

The formulation of these really surprised me. They're thick and incredibly pigmented, whilst still being glossy. I don't know what the wear time is like as I haven't tested it out yet, however I will say that they DO transfer all over your boyfriend's face if you kiss him whilst they're still damp. They are quite smudgy, however they have not budged off of my hand so I am assuming the lasting power is extraordinary.

I absolutely LOVE the name of the product - I think it's very witty and 'punny'. Everyone loves a play on words it seems, as many people have commented on this in their own posts.

Wearing 'Nova'

These lip lacquers are incredibly creamy and comfortable on the lips, they do not feel at all drying on me. I do find them difficult to apply, however I absolutely love the applicator. The doe-foot makes precision a lot easier than I think a brush would, and I love the little "reservoir" thing where the product can collect before you put it on your lips.

Top to bottom: Apocaliptic, Nova, Stellar

All in all, so far I think these area fabulous new addition to the world of drugstore lip products. Rimmel are probably my favourite brand for lipsticks in Boots, and these products are absolutely no exception. I can't wait to buy 'Big Bang' or one of the more nudey shades!

Do you own any 'Apocalips' yet? Did you love them or hate them?


  1. I was tempted by these but told myself I didn't need any more lip products, but after reading this I've decided I need Stellar in my life! xx

    1. Stellar is the most beautiful one! It's pink/coral/red... So gorgeous! Looks so awesome with a black outfit and neutral eye - deffo worth a buy because they last forever! :) xx

    2. I've been looking for a colour like that for ages - so unusual! I'm definitely gonna check it out, thanks! :) xx