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lush sunnyside bath bar review + samples review

Yesterday I went shopping in York and Leeds, and popped into Lush to purchase myself one of their bubble bars. Lush's bubble bars are my absolute favourite (maybe a close tie with those bottles of matey!) for bubble baths, nothing foams up like them. I've tried 'the Comforter' along with some others before, and I found that it was lovely and relaxing so this time I decided to purchase "Sunnyside".

The lady serving me was lovely and gave me loads of wonderful advice on my skin type and what products I should used on them. She gave me two samples, one of lush's infamous "Dream Cream" and one of their new 'Willow' soap, so I'm here to review all three.

This is a gold bubble bar covered with gold glitter. You crumble the bar under the hot tap and it creates tonnes of frothy bubbles in your bath, and turns the water a pale yellow-gold full of tiny sparkles. I can imagine that using the whole bar would make your bath look like liquid gold (so glamorous!!!! I can't wait to try), however I only used about a quarter to a third of mine as Iind that a little goes a very long way with this product. The shop assistant compared the smell to Tropicana juice, and I can agree with her there.
It contains notes of tangerine, lemon and sweet wild orange oils, which makes it smell so summery and bright.
The bar is supposed to be "for grey days" and make you feel uplifted and relaxed. This is definitely the case with this bubble bar, as my bath put me in an excellent, chilled mood afterward.
This made my skin feel SO soft and smooth, and (I don't know if this is just me that suffers this) did not feel like most bath products, which make my skin uncomfortable, oily and itchy whilst in the bath, and then dry it out completely when out of the bath. A lot of products give me a horrific rash also. Cry cry. I have never experienced ANY of this with any Lush product, and Sunnyside was no exception.

Dream Cream
The shop assistant gave me a sample pot of this emollient cream to try after we spent some time bemoaning our horrible dry skin.
'Dream Cream' is supposed to be a soothing, cooling, moisturising cream for sensitive skin. I looked forward to trying this because I have very dry skin - which is probably a genetic thing, as my dad suffers from many similar skin complaints also. Problem areas for me are my hands (around my knuckles, palms, and in between my fingers), shins, and the tops of my thighs.
I used this cream after my bath last night, and rubbed it into my hands this morning, and it made my dry, cracked shins look shiny and smooth, without any flakiness. My hands felt soothed and moisturised and this cream basically healed all the cracked scabby areas where my skin had bled due to being overly dry. This is an amazing result as I normally don't see this kind of effect with ordinary moisturisers!!!
The cream is made with oatmilk and rosewater, but this does not affect the fragrance. Dream Cream smells like lavender, which is supposed to have a soothing effect. Personally, I strongly dislike the smell of lavender, but I know a lot of people love it and find it a very relaxing scent so this here is a matter of opinion. I personally loved Dream Cream and will be rushing out to purchase it as soon as possible.

Willow Soap
I was also given a sample of Lush's new Valentine's Day release, "Willow soap". I absolutely love that they have chosen to do this soap for Valentine's Day, as the story behind the Blue Willow pattern is very sweet and romantic, and therefore very apt for the occasion. 
This soap is scented like rose and lemon, which is also a very romantic scent suited to Valentine's Day. /The soap is supposed to be "particularly good for sore or dry skin" and the rose ingredient is supposed to soothe irritation. I placed this soap in my bathroom and used every time I went to wash my hands (which was a lot, apparently.. I have been told I wash my hands far too much but WHO wants dirty, germy hands??). 
As previously mentioned, after only around 16 hours of using this product in conjunction with the Dream Cream, the skin on my hands is well on it's way to being back to smooth and soft, as opposed to flaky, dry, and bleeding. This is brilliant and I would definitely consider trying more of Lush's soaps in future.

What's your favourite lush product? Have you tried any of the products featured? What did you think?

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